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    Are there any other decision makers involved in your decision?

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    Let's start the House Hunt.

    Is this your first home purchase? *

    What is your current living situation? *

    Will this purchase be your primary residence or an investment? *

    How soon are you looking to purchase/move?*

    When are you available to look at available properties?

    Tell us what you're looking for.

    What type of property do you want? *

    How many stories do you want? *

    Do you want a basement? *

    No. of Bedrooms *

    No. of Bathrooms *

    Need a Half Bath? *

    Do you need a garage? *

    Do you want to do repairs? *

    What other property features are important to you?

    Are there any specific cities, zip codes, school zones, or neighborhoods you want us to focus on?

    Are you ok with an HOA? *

    Are you open to a senior/55+ community (if you qualify)? *

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    Let's talk about money.

    What is your price range? *

    How much do you plan to put down? *

    How do you plan to purchase? *

    Have you gotten pre-approved?*

    If you need to a mortgage and don't have a lender, we can help!
    Get Pre-Qualified

    Do you have a pre-qualification or pre-approval letter? If so, upload it here.

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    What's more important to you?

    What are your absolute must? The deal breakers?

    What are your nice to haves?

    Is there anything else we need to know before we get the search started?

    Did you watch the Homebuyer Workshop in Step 01 of the VIBE? This workshop helps you understand how to purchase a property in this crazy real estate market. If you haven't watched it yet, will you please do so? *

    How did you find us? *

    If you are comfortable and confident during the consultation that we are the best agents to help you buy your new property, are you willing to sign an exclusive agency agreement so we can get started? *

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