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Wondering what your home is worth? Find out here.


(Very Important Buyer Experience!)

let's get started

The VIBE starts here.

We’re Metro Atlanta’s local real estate, mortgage, and relocation experts. We’re here to guide you through every step of your real estate journey. Whether you need us in person or virtually, we got you! Follow the steps below and let the VIBE begin!

Step 01

Complete the Buyer Consultation form.

To start the VIBE process, complete the form and schedule your Buyer consultation. Move on to Step 2 when you’re done.

Want to learn more before scheduling your Buyer Consultation? Check out our Homebuyer Workshop, “How to Buy a Home in a Low Inventory/High Interest Market”, to make sure you’re ready for homeownership in this crazy real estate market.

    Hello! Who's joining the VIBE?

    Are there any other decision makers involved in your decision?

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    What's your timeframe to buy?

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    What's your budget?

    Do you have your downpayment?

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    Have you gotten pre-approved yet?

    You can upload your pre-approval letter to get the ball rolling.

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    Is there anything else you want to tell us before we connect?

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    Step 02

    Get Pre-Qualified.

    Next step in the VIBE process is getting pre-qualified. The better you know the numbers the better prepared you’ll be to buy a home. If you’re already pre-qualified, move on to Step 3.

    After you complete your pre-qualification, you are ready to move on to Step 3.
    Remember, we need the 4 C's to get you mortgage ready.
    1. CASH. How much money do you have to put towards this purchase?
    2. CREDIT.  What’s your credit score?
    3. CAPACITY. Can you afford the mortgage payment, showing at least 2 years of stable income?
    4. COLLATERAL. Is there sufficient value in the property?
    If you can pass the 4 C’s, you should be ready to apply for the loan.

    Step 03

    Find your new home (this is the fun part)!

    Search for your new home and be sure to create an account to get regular updates of the new listings available.
    Prefer new construction?

    Even better! Check out some new construction homes. Save your favorites, and we’ll set a time for you to view the models and meet with the onsite agent.


    Even though an agent is not needed to buy a new construction home, you should have one. Your Buyers Agent is there to protect you and to make sure you get the best deal possible when you finally decide to buy a home.

    Step 04

    Close the deal & welcome home!

    We're at the finish line!

    We’re gathering all the documents, getting inspections and appraisals, signing paperwork, and getting ready to close the deal so you can buy a home!

    Once the deal is closed, we’ll hand you the keys, take a congrats picture, and you’re out the door headed to your new home.

    Congrats on getting those keys!

    couple get approved for a home mortgage and are now holding house key

    What are you looking for? We can help. Let's talk!

    Let’s jump on a call and discuss your needs. Remember, we can help you buy or sell, or even get a loan. The more we learn about your needs, the better position we’ll be in to help you reach your real estate goals.

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