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How to Pack Like a Pro

Packing and moving can suck! It’s hard work, takes a lot of preparation, and can be frustrating if not done right. Use these tips below to make sure your next move goes well.

  1. Prepare in Advance. Craft a comprehensive checklist to ensure no crucial tasks slip your mind as you approach your moving day. This will also assist in estimating the time and expenses associated with the move.
  2. Trim the Excess. Evaluate items you no longer use or need. Gauge both the frequency of use and your attachment to each possession. Organize these unwanted items into categories such as “garage sale,” “donate,” and “recycle.”
  3. Cluster Similar Items. Simplify your unpacking process by grouping similar items together during packing.
  4. Prioritize Personal Handling. For precious possessions like family photographs, delicate valuables, or necessities during the move, it’s advisable to personally oversee their transportation. Create a moving day kit containing essentials like a small first-aid kit, snacks, and items required before unpacking your “Open First” box.
  5. Familiarize Yourself with Moving Restrictions. Some moving companies have restrictions on transporting certain items such as plants or liquids. To avoid any surprises, check with your movers and prepare to pack these items on your own.
  6. Optimize Box Loading. When placing items in boxes, opt for smaller boxes for heavier objects to ensure each box weighs less than 50 pounds.
  7. Avoid Overfilling. Resist the urge to overpack boxes, as this minimizes the risk of items inside being damaged during transit.
  8. Protect Fragile Items. Individually wrap delicate items and cushion box bottoms and sides. If necessary, purchase protective materials like bubble wrap from moving supply stores. Secure plants inside boxes with air holes.
  9. Label Thoroughly. Label every side of each box, as you can’t predict how they’ll be stacked. Employ color-coded labels corresponding to room assignments on a color-coded floor plan for the movers.
  10. Centralize Moving Documentation. Compile all important moving documents, whether in a physical file within your moving day bag or stored digitally. Essential details like contact information, driver’s name, van’s license plate, and company number should be included.
  11. Provide Clear Directions. Print multiple copies of a map with directions for your movers and helpers. Highlight the designated route and include your mobile number for contact.
  12. Safeguard Digital Data. Back up your computer files using cloud storage or store a physical backup on an external hard drive off-site.
  13. Inspect Upon Arrival. Thoroughly examine each box and furniture piece as soon as they arrive at your new location. Ensure your moving company has an efficient process for reporting damages that you’re aware of beforehand.

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