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Seller Intake Form

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    Are there any other decision makers involved in your decision?

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    What is the Property Address?

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    Tell us a little bit about the property. We'll get the remaining details when we meet to sign paperwork.

    What type of property is it? *

    How many stories do you have? *

    Do you have a basement? *

    No. of Bedrooms *

    No. of Bathrooms *

    No. of Half Bathrooms *

    Is there a pool or is it a waterfront property?

    Do you have a pool? *

    Waterfront? *


    Do you have a garage or parking spaces? *

    How many spaces do you have?

    Remodeling & Upgrades

    Have you done or are you planning on doing any remodeling to the property?

    Is there anything else we need to know about the property, including permits, tenants, or anything else.

    If you have any photos you would like to share, please upload them here. This will give us a chance to preview the property before we come and help you get it ready for selling.

    [mfile images]

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    How much are you looking to sell your property for? *

    If you have a mortgage, how much do you owe? *

    This will help us prepare a net profit sheet so you can get a general idea of what you'll walk away with at closing.

    Are you current on your mortgage? *

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    Is there an HOA? *

    If so, what is the association fee?

    What is included in the association fee?

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    Is this a 55+ community? *

    What are the community amenities? *

    Are there any security measures in place? *

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    Can we place a sign in the yard? *

    May we host an Open House? *

    Are you interviewing any other agents? *

    What is most important to you about the agent you hire to sell your property? *

    Is there anything else you want us to know before we meet?

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    What are your plans after this property sells?

    Do you need the cash out of this property to purchase another? *

    After you sell, where will you move? *

    When would you like to sell? *

    Do you have any concerns about the selling process? *

    How did you find us?

    Definitely let us know if you were referred. We want to say, "Thanks!" *

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